To love and love once more.

Getting your heart broken is not good news. Neither it is something you want to have over and over gain.

I never thought I have built a security wall around my self until that moment I asked myself what was the reason I stopped caring. Unconsciously, after my loss, I simply shut my heart, put it on a freeze mode, and closed it until further notice. I lived years of my life not knowing I was missing a whole lot and everyone was missing me out.

So, I let the walls down and let myself love once more. I begin to re-learn letting others in and un-learn keeping others out. But as soon as I saw it, my heart’s gonna be broken once more.

Tempted to just go on hiatus forever, I remembered those eyes that stared at me, the laughters we shared and the love that made my life colorful. That’s when I just knew, I will love and love once more.


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