The first time my boyfriend gave me chocolates. ♥

Okay. Don’t go thinking who that boyfriend is yet. Because it’s Jesus. (Haha. :P ) I don’t know why, blame it to my female hormones or my chummy personality but like some of the woman that I know who are in the faith–I view God as my boyfriend. :) I know. I know, it’s kinda weird and corny but hey! I like it! :)

Viewing God as THE Boyfriend has taken my relationship on those modes that I just get “kilig” with what He speaks to me in His word, how He answers my prayers, and even fills my heart with unexplainable joy!!! And I am just loving every moment of it.

But I have always desired for God’s love for me to be testified in tangible ways–ways that I can really see and hold. I know. I know. His most tangible way of showing His greatest love was already given on the cross and I believe that–I cherish that, even thinking of that very thing He has done for me fills my heart with inexpressible joy and gladness. But when I heard one of my friends say how she have seen for herself God’s tangible way of showing His “courtship”.. that desire to experience God in a way that I can hold, I can see, hear, smell came into me…that may sound selfish, I don’t know, maybe I was. But I personally believe that desire came from God himself. He also wanted to show himself in ways more dashing than any man can show me. ♥ ♥ ♥

So I had that desire in my heart, but didn’t realize it was coming to pass already until this afternoon. I lost my Dad’s ticket for my oath taking for this Monday and I was feeling sooooooooooo down and sad. So there, I was on the elevator, going down to look for the ticket once more and a man stepped in from the 3rd floor. He smiled and opened his palms and revealed a kisses chocolates. The he said “Would you care for a chocolate?”, I smiled, accepted it, and made a little chat with the man. I was so sad and frustrated for the ticket that’s lost so I didn’t really think much about the chocolate even AFTER I ate it.

The realization didn’t come to me until when I just got home, was standing in my room, and I had this sense that I felt like God asking me how was the chocolates he gave. HE GAVE? I could’ve fainted that very second because I was so unaware that I was just given a chocolate by MY BOYFRIEND! Gosh. My heart skipped a beat and was filled with this joy that goes beyond what my mind can think of. God just gave me chocolates when I was feeling so low! And did I mention chocolates are my comfort food??? He heard and remembered what makes me smile and comforted. Ahhhh. Just so amazing.

My Jesus is just awesome. He is incomparable. No one even comes close to His dashing moves. No one makes me kilig quicker that He does. He is amazing.

I don’t even deserve anything of His attention, but He went on His way–giving me chocolates at the time when I was badly needing comfort. :)

-Anj :)

♥ ♥ ♥


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