The shores I first fell in love with.

I’ve been wanting for the longest time to post some pictures from my trip (grad gift from Dad) last June 2010 at Dinadiawan, Aurora. And I didn’t get around to doing it till now.. so here they are! :)


first look :))



happily seating by the shores before taking a dip!


we slept in tents! ikr! we’re so cool! haha



my friends got these starfishes from the reefs

(we returned them though :) )



quick snappy!




low tide! those are not muds, but actual coral reefs.

(you can actually walk through them and get to the middle of the ocean, nyahaha)



do you see that ship at my back? we’re actually nearing the middle of the ocean here.



weird starfish looking creatures that creeps over our palms. :s



I was kinda awkward holding these sea urchins at first, but they were altogether harmless

just so you don’t harm them! haha



looking for more starfish! :)



dunno what this is. but never dared to touch it!



what’s a beach trip without beach volleyball?? :))



haha. having so much fun balancing this “balsa”

there were lots of jellyfish though :s



white sands!



we lost during our volleyball game and that calls for a REMATCH! haha



the gazebo (off limits yan) haha



jumpshot! :D



the only perfect jumpshot Chicklet (the one on the middle) has. haha.



i love this shot! :)



gorgeous right? :)


ahh. I miss this place. :))



So, if you want to know more about this place. Check out your google maps for Dipaculao, Aurora, Quezon Province.



Mucho love,

Anj XO




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