Farewell, The Radicals. :’)

I’ve heard from someone in the past that when things are coming to an end, it’s good to look back where  it first began. Where it really really started is really hard to share, because the beginning of our journey somehow have already started long way before we knew it. But somehow, the time where we can all look back and say it officially started is when we stepped onto Robionsons Pioneer, the date was kinda interesting, August 09, 2010…or if you would write that in numerical terms o8.o9.1o .. Cool huh? :)

We were just 15 young hopefuls then, taking one of the most courageous acts and life-defining decisions of our lives. Each has a story to tell, and honestly, if I were to hear them all, my heart will just be broken with how one can go so much for the One they live for. 15 bravehearts [an understatement, really]. But we weren’t brave because we were strong, or we’re It or we’ve faced enough. No, sir. I call us brave because of the grace given us. The grace to enabled us to step out in faith. To cast off our worries and doubts and set our hopes firmly to the One who called us. Brave, yes. But not on our own, for without the very grace given us–we are but weaklings and losers left to be tossed and turned by this world. For the whole week that we’re together, being trained how to raise our partnership team that would support us with our call to full time ministry, a friendship was built. Friendship that is cherished and remembered for as long as we were breathing. 15 people. 15 unique stories. 1 call–to reach every nation and every campus.

So, last January 17,2011..13 of us came back after months of being away from each other.Shayne and Coy will go to school later. But 6 other bravehearts have joined us. Now, 19 of us have moved forward. New and familiar faces alike. Meek smiles. Our hearts pounding in joy and excitement alike. We have embarked on a new season in our lives by entering into the School of Campus Ministry. our training for the call given us. 3 months of season of grace…a season to really persevere…a season to grow in our character…a season of pruning and of breaking..and of rising up once again. :)

For some of us, the school is going on smoothly, while for most of us–rough. But again and again, we have been reminded by the One whom we have set our hope in–He is faithful. This is not by our might or by our power..but by His grace..His spirit alone.

Week in, week out. The meek smiles have turned into unabashed laughter. We have shared stories. Cried together. Laughed at our inside jokes. Made fun and more fun we could ever have.

12 weeks in all. 12 weeks of learning and growing together..and now, we are in our last day of classes. Mixed feelings are coming into surface.Joy and relief–for we have endured and was able to pass through all the testing the school has to offer and sadness–for we won’t be around each other that much.
Last day of being together as students. Last day of making the most of the School of Campus Ministry. But this won’t really be the last, but a start. The start of bigger and more exciting adventures.This won’t really be the last day of us being together, but a start of still growing together..even we’re apart.The start of the new season of our lives as official Campus Ministers..for this isn’t really about us being in the comfort zones we have set for ourselves, but being set out there and reaching every nation and every campus. :)

Farewell Radicals. Thank you for everything. :))


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