My Tumblr Site

I recently got more active in posting stuffs in my Tumblr site. At first, I was really clueless with what’s it all about but I as time passed by, I discovered that it actually is a good site for someone like me who is sooooo random, (okay, I can hear you saying  ‘Yeah right’.) So there, I just enjoy it so much.

As like any other social media, it gives you the option to follow people and people will get to follow you also if they want to. To be honest, having all these social network accounts I have this struggle in wanting to have more..and more..and much more followers that I keep checking the number of followers that I have. But God convicted me, and I realized it should not be about that. Now, by His grace. I have this purpose now that for every social network that I have, I will be inspiring people..wanting them to know more about God and finding joy in His presence through the little things that I post. And I was all the more inspired when I got to see other Christians that are into Tumblr was just so nice being inspired by their daily post.

Anyway, I don’t even know the sense why I’m posting this..but maybe what I am really trying to say is that  I hope that everytime that you visit any of my sites, you will be inspired even in the most little ways.. :))

For I do not live for men but to bring glory to God alone. :)



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