Just like that time when your cable signal goes down and you can”t see anything but lines on your TV screen.

Or that time when you yawned in front of the mirror in a bleak morning.

And maybe like today, when your head goes round and round and you can’t seem to figure out your way out because, well, everything’s just blurred out.

Then you stumble and fall on to your knees and can’t seem to stand up again or move a bit for that matter because there’s a never ending feeling of helplessness and maybe hopelessness in your heart right now.

That time when you, once more, try to shake things up, maybe gather up your self, and stand on your feet but..alas, you feel your knees giving up, your heart just fainting out, your spirit just tired and weary from all the sorrow you’ve stored up.

You laugh, you smile, you wink your eyes…still deep inside you know why there’s feigning in your eyes.

You want to get out of this messy pit. You long for the day when the cringe will just stop. But as for now, there’s just a sinking feeling inside.

But in snap of the fingers. Maybe in a hush of the wind. There’s that ray of light. Washing up the fog that’s blurring your sight. In a sparkle of the waters, you see what’s right. Once more, a strand of a hope is weaved. A drop of courage to believe.

…for the LORD has heard my weeping. TheΒ LORDΒ Β has heard my cry for mercy; the LORD accepts my prayer. -Psalm 6:8b-9


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