To every single men (and even women) out there. This is a one good read!

between changing diapers

1. The little things you do exclusively for one woman has a great tendency to pile up into a GIGANTIC assumption. In a woman’s mind, 1+1=6!

2. Real men are vanguards of purity. Sex is a package and it starts with a kiss.

3. Holding a woman’s hand for 3 seconds can create fireworks in a woman’s heart.

4. One way of turning a woman off is confusing her. Confusing meaning, unintentionally doing things for no reason that leads to bursts of unnecessary emotions.

5. In pursuing, CLARITY is the best policy! Be clear about your intentions and visions.

6. Godly women are attracted to Godly men.

6.a. In the same way that Godly men are attracted to Godly women.

7. You won’t go wrong if you avoid telling women “you look tired.”

8. Don’t go for premature undefined relationships. Don’t give stuffed toys,chocolates and sorts of gifts that are…

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