Dear August, here you are again.

It’s the month of August once again. I don’t know about your personal calendars, but in my calendar, the month of August is fully booked with a lot (and I really mean, a looooooot) of conflicting schedules. I may sound like I’m about to complain and rant on how tired I am or how I’m getting so stressed out I’m literary growing white hairs (!!!!) now, or how I have to deal with a lot of pressing issues at a single time (Um, did I just really blurt that out in less than a minute?), I want to clear that this blog  post is not about that (and I have no plans on blogging about that, in the near or far future to say the least). The month of August really tops one of my most eventful months, yet it also tops one of my most fulfilling and celebration-filled month of the year.

Thus, mustering all my rational thoughts, after coming home from a day filled with music rehearsals, services to attend, ministry involvement, meetings to go to and a ton of things to do, I paused and did the only thing that I knew would save me and make me survive this month, lest I end up being torn emotionally, physically, worst spiritually.

That very thing, is putting God first. I love how Jesus talked about it in Matthew 6:25-34. He nailed it when he revealed how we have the tendency (and most of the time, really act on this tendency) to worry about everything – about what to eat, what to wear and what to drink. He lovingly tells us, “Do not worry” about such things. Why? Because if God, who is our Father in heaven could take care and feed the birds of the air and even dress up the lilies of the field with such beautiful splendour, how much more is He willing and able to take care of all our needs, since we are His children?

My heart always skips a beat when I’m reminded of this truth – the truth that I do not need to worry and I should not really worry, because we have a Father who knows our needs and concerns even before we open our mouths to ask of Him of these things.

Thus, for this month and for all of my days, with all of my might, I will remind myself of this truth…and of a beautiful promise by Jesus…

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself…” (Matthew 6:33-34a, emphasis mine)

Seek God first. Put him first. In everything. In all things. Always. In that way, we do not need to worry because as we do just that, as we simply seek Him and not put first the busy stuff we “need” to do, everything will just fall into its right place.

What a liberating truth that I do not need to control the things I am facing. What a timely reminder on Who should I put first in my calendar, in my appointments, in my thoughts, in my life… :)

As I get to work on all the crazy stuff I had to do my lappy’s wallpaper reminds me of everything I need to do. ;)


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