Something about the rain… ☂

Little boy

The rainy season has officially started in my part of the world.

I find it interesting how it puts things into a different light.

Just like how the first downpour is welcomed with a cold gust of wind that makes you stop and ask “Is it raining?”

Or as it drop into the ground or play little tap dance in the roof makes you feel a little bit colder and cozier in your sit or your bed then you snuggle deeper to your pillow and hold the blanket closer.

I love how it makes every sip of coffee or that lovely aroma of hot chocolate yummier just because.

It’s funny how almost everyone has an opinion of the rain depending on what circumstance they in. Sometimes it’s an answered prayer, for some just another testing of patience and grace.

I love rain. But not as almost how it sound.

Paperboats. :)

Just as how it brings different kind of filter into the world, I feel like it brings me into a time of reverie.

The rain always brings memories of home…of special moments in the past..that I can’t (frustratingly) remember. It’s as if how it washes the prints of what everything it falls onto, I feel like I had something that was gone.

Strings or drops?

“Does the rain fall as a perfect line or drop by drop?” Why does it come so suddenlybut sometimes introduces itself into cute little drizzles…then goes away too soon but sometimes a little late?

But as I gaze up in the sky, hold my cup of coffee and watch the flicker of lights…and as I take the gentle wind touch my cold cheeks, I stand refreshed because I know that when it rains, it just means, God is clearing the stormy skies.

And so as the trend goes..


Happy Rainy July Everyone! :)



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