Farewell, Paul Walker.

I know I just posted a post few minutes ago…and while writing that post, there was actually one incident why I was feeling so nostalgic of the past, and that is the death of Paul Walker.

I first saw the news when I opened my Facebook while waiting for our meal to be served in a dinner with a friend. The status read, “RIP Paul Walker”.

It didn’t hit me that it was the “Paul Walker” that I grew to love with his movies Fast and The Furious series and Eight Below. I was completely numb when the truth hit me that it was that Paul that I knew.


His movie, Eight below, is one of my all time favorites.

I can’t help but catch my older brother’s fascination with all things racing, and so we grew up watching the amazing life of Brian in this movie series,

Such a tragic loss. I thought, if I was this devastated, how much more is his family right?


Such a legacy.

Paul Walker met his accident after coming from a charity event for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. This really touched my heart and made me appreciate him all the more since what he was doing was for the benefit of my countrymen who were greatly affected by the supertyphoon. Thank you Paul for your heart. The Filipino countrymen is in deep gratitude. What an honor to be able to be part of your life with your charity.

May you be in peace, Paul Walker. Thank you for sharing your talent and passion to the world.




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