The Greatest Battle and Breakthrough!

Every year, my spiritually starts the year with a week-long prayer and fasting where “we corporately consecrate ourselves, our families, and ministries to God.”

Fight! Prayer and Fasting 2014Personally, it is truly a time for me to really slow down before I get way too ahead of all the new year’s schedule and take the time to recommit my life with God, humble myself before Him and ask for His guidance for the year. It is truly one the most special events that I commit to! It’s like being on a one-week vacation with the lover of my soul–Jesus! :)

As we fast and pray we also took the time to ask God for the things we are believing to claim this year. In our church, we call this faith goals. It’s a time of advancing God’s victory and believing for breakthroughs in every area of our lives.

And I would like to share to you two of my greatest take home/realizations during this time of prayer and fasting:

1. We are facing real battle.

This battle is more than our battle to overcome and sustain all our new years resolution. Its a battle waged against all of God’s children. And we need to fight. But we do not fight from a position of uncertainty for Jesus has won the greatest battle for us! The battle we cannot ever face–he did, on the cross. That’s why victory is ours and we never have to live defeated lives–EVER! :) We don’t need to be afraid or uncertain of whatever may come our way anymore!! Whew! What a  great standpoint to start this year, right??? :)

2. Jesus is our GREATEST breakthrough!!

For me, this wrapped it all up!! As in, game over. For with whatever prayer I may ask, it will be nothing compared to the breakthrough that happened when a tiny little baby was born in a manger and that 30 years later be nailed to a cross and after three days raised again to life. With his coming here on earth, death and resurrection–we experience the greatest breakthrough of all. For without this breakthrough, we are left hopeless and defeated in all areas of life. I really can’t help but be overwhelmed with this amazing truth about the cross!

I love the promise in Joshua 3:5, … “Consecrate yourselves for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you.” Wow! What a promise to claim for this year! I am truly excited for these amaaaaaazing things that God would do! Sure, there will always be troubles but I thank God that because of what He has already done for you and me, I can take heart for He has overcome the world!

Happy New Year everyone!

Click here for encouraging stories of breakthroughs from my spiritual family during this season of prayer and fasting and also here for the devotionals we used! :)


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