Happy [convenient] holiday with BPI Express Online!

It was a national holiday yesterday with the Chinese New Year’s Celebration and because we Pinoys love holidays, the long weekend this week was a sure treat for all of us! :)

Chinese New Year Celebration Tsinoy-style! (photo from philstar.com)

But personally, even with all of the fun and rest I get to have during the holidays it can also a bit of a hassle especially when it comes to doing work stuffs through the bank. Also because I was a bit informed late of how technology has totally turned the whole idea and process of banking to a new level, I would want everyone to learn with me one of the greatest breakthrough when it comes to banking!

Welcome to the age of online banking! :D

I really believe that one of the greatest blessing God has given to mankind is the internet. With proper use, it truly brings convenience to all. That’s why no one of us doesn’t need to be hassled any more even with the long weekend or even by going to the bank in person for every single day. With a simple smartphone or computer, you can do banking transactions any time, any day! :) Hoorayy!!

Transfer funds, pay your bills and so much more at the tip (or tap) of your fingers! ;)

And so if you are not yet currently enrolled to online banking, please do yourself a big favor and get enrolled! Just ask your bank about the process so that you can enjoy the holidays even better. :)

Happy looooooong weekend everyone! :)


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