Travel Weekend: Hundred Islands Adventure!

To celebrate the very 1st day of the third month of the year aaaaaand the opening of my favorite season–SUMMER, here’s a travel weekend post featuring the beautiful Hundred Island National Park at Alaminos City, Pangasinan! β™₯


I love that I got to spend a very much needed R&R after such an event-filled February together with the whole staff of Victory Church in North Luzon as part of our yearly activities. I feel super blessed that God has put me in such a workplace where I could genuinely say that the people I work with are not just my colleagues but also true friends and brother and sisters in the faith.This is why if you are my friend in Facebook you would commonly see me post things with the hashtag ‘bestjobever’, because for me, this is truly the best job I could ever have in this current season of my life. You see, when we surrender to the will of God to happen in every area of our lives, we can never truly ask for more. I am a firm believer that the calling and gifting that God has given us will propel us to finding that perfect job for you and me! Okay, let me go back to my travel post before I make a lengthy preaching about calling here! (Girls talaga, kung saan-saan napupunta topics! :P)

Alaminos City is about a seven-hour car ride from my place–Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya via Tarlac route. I super appreciate Google Maps! It truly makes traveling by road easier! :) Hooray to roadtrips!

ImageOne of the things that make traveling fun is that you get to spend just chill time with friends. I also think that traveling solo is great but personally, I would prefer to travel (especially at the beach) with great friends. One of the amazing things about God is that He designed us to be in relationships and I believe that as we follow Him in this life we should not just go in hiatus forever and hide ourselves in the mountain and try to attain perfect holiness. God designed us that we be part of a group of altogether different men and women who would spur us in the faith and life in general.

For the 1st day of out trip, we went to Barangay Victoria for our boodle fight lunch! I felt so blessed after our lunch time because I got to do one of my dreams which is to take the time to sing worship songs to God by the beach! Haay! What a treat! Worship is something you do to bless God but actually everytime I sing to God I feel like blessed more. That’s one the amazing things about giving to God, He will never allow you to outgive Him because He is so generous and loving like that. :)

ImageI didn’t get to take pictures at the place where we stayed but if you are traveling to Alaminos soon, you could actually rent out beautiful transient houses at Barangay Lucap which is around 300 meters away from the port to the Hundred Islands National Park. You can also buy pretty and affordable souvenirs at the Wharf.


If you had the same goal as that of the ancient Spaniards who liked to conquer the 7, 100 islands of our country, here’s a tip for you, cruise on in this Hundred Island trip here in Alaminos City and who might know, right? You could have a real shot in conquering the Pearl of the Orient! :P

ImageMy friend had the crazy question if she could dare herself to literally count off the islands, but according to experts, some of the islands actually sink depending if it’s high or low tide. Haha. Make sure you have lots of energy if you want to survive the island hopping on this one. Though we didn’t literally docked in each and every island, there were surprisingly lots of things to do in some of the islands that we went. Think: Island HIKING, snorkling, and CAVE DIVING!!!


I would normally give in to the wild adventures of my friends but I REALLY resolved not to try this one! I kinda have a little bit fear of heights and I know you would told me I should conquer it but ohhmygash, I really knew I could not do it at that time. It was too much. Haha! But my friends had a great time and that was just enough for me. (Though until now, they would still tease me about it and decided to continue to do so until I finally do it one day. lol)

And on to my most awaited part of all…SNORKELING!!


Unfortunately, I did not even have a single photo of myself doing this but believe me when I tell you I was one of those life vest clad swimming in the deepest water I had ever swam! We saw giant clams so huge I was so afraid to look at for so long because they might just eat me alive! Eeeh! I also spotted several colorful fishes but since the area we swam was the home to giant clams, there weren’t much school of fish around. I guess I had to save that experience for another snorkeling adventure which I promise you I would already have a picture of myself sporting that goggles and all!

I noticed that I have been traveling a lot to the local tourist spots lately which I believe is a great thing since what my country is boasting of is the beauty of it’s tourist spots. Kaya naman, calling all my Pinoy travellers out there, I believe that just as how we feature or dream of traveling to far and distant foreign lands, why don’t we begin exploring locally? Malay mo, ikaw na ang maging next Dora the Explorer ng bansang sinilangan mo, diba? Hehe. Just kidding. And on a serious note, let’s really take the time as well to promote the beauty of our own country. Traveling doesn’t always need for us to shell out our dollar accounts and surely doesn’t mean for us to have the most stamped passport of all! :) So have a great time guys of exploring around, kahit sa back or front yard pa yan ng bahay mo! :)



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