About Me

Brief introductions:

Hi everyone, my name’s Anj and I’m here blogging all about the grace-filled adventures of my life!

Super happy and in love right here!

I currently reside under the summer sunshine in one of 7,100 glorious islands of the Pearl of the Orient—Philippines!

I’m a registered nurse but I chose to answer the call of God for my life and be a missionary to the campuses. My greatest passion in life is seeing lives being changed with the gospel of Christ.



I take great delight in the daily quests of day-to-day life! At the end of the day or in a quiet time of the week, I like to gather my thoughts and try to write them down here in my humble nook in the cyberspace with the hope to inspire people in seeing the loving hand of my God at work in each of our lives.


Random tid-bits about moi:


I graduated from college at the age of 18.

I had mild claustrophobia when I was a child due to an unfortunate mishap.

I had almost a dozen cats in the past but now I’ve become more of a dog lover.

Certified night owl (but growing to love mornings nowadays).

My secret for my height is Star Margarine. No kidding.

Putting on make-up for a friend is a pure joy.

I was able to walk in shards of broken glass and come away completely unscathed. Science works, folks.


Totally hooked up to everything Korean. 싸움! ^ ^

Pathophysiology is my favourite subject. Weird, I know.

Everything sci-fi and criminal investigation is my thing. (Hello, Patricia Cornwell, Criminal minds and Fringe fans! :D)

Beautiful sunsets melts all my stress away!!!

According to Strengths Finder, I have Input, Empathy, Learner and Positivity as my top five themes.

I’m terrible at multi-tasking.

So, here are some posts to get us more acquainted with!

The accident that almost took my life.

Silly surveys {here} & {here}

• Musings  {here}, {here}, {here} and {here}

Testimony of a changed life



How about you, friends? I would also love to get to know more about you!


2 thoughts on “About Me

    • iamlostandfound says:

      Aww, Katie! I can’t believe you actually dropped by my blog! I have been following you since last month and have continued to be inspired ever since. :) I’ll be emailing you soon! Love love! :)


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