5 Reasons why you should have a staycation.




It’s the longest weekend again in my side of the world as we take a solemn time of remembering what Jesus did for all of mankind. What a great time to really just be still and have the opportunity to share with everyone the greatest act of love a Man did for all of us.

And as the Lent comes with a two-day official vacation plus the weekend, you could literally see thousands of Filipinos gather at the bus station, airport and ferries flock  just to get somewhere and have the ultimate vacay to make the most out of the long weekend.

If you were able to read my last blog post about my dream adventures before I hit the big 3-0, you could almost guess that I have a serious case of wanderlust. And i’m not even denying that. lol

But during this time around, I made the decision to just have a staycation of my own and just sit back, relax and enjoy the conveniences of being at home!

Just to convince you guys a bit of why this could just be the best idea you could plunge yourself into. Here’s some great things you can get to do while on staycation:

1. You get to save money.

I mean, that’s the very first thing right? lol Instead of paying for every single meal when in vacation, you get to just cook at home! Staycationing in the province? Look around and munch on the fruits and veggies that grow around your backyard! Free food = Zero calories = Summer ready body. Total score!

2. You actually get to enjoy the amenities of your house 24 hours!

Get this: In everyday life, you sleep for around six to eight hours then prepare for work or school for about two hours then spend another eight to at least twelve hours at work plus commute and other activities outside which leaves you just TWO hours to be lazy around your crib! That is if you still don’t have to clean up around or do homework or overtime work right? Staycation gives you that wonderful free time to wiggle around in every nook and cranny of your cave and show some love to your humble abode. Great idea, eh?

3. Talking about amenities: say hello to, GENERAL HOUSE CLEANING!

Cmon! I know it’s supposed to be a time to rest, but holing up in a dirty and dusty space? Doesn’t sound like a relaxing right? This site gives you the most wonderful inspirations and easy peasy ideas to make your house beautifuly organized and spanking clean! (I’ve been looking at it because I know I got lot of cleaning to do myself! Let’s do this!)

4. Chill time with the family.

Total win! Nothing beats just being around family. When we’re vacationing it gets kinda sad for me because somebody always gets left behind because of conflicting schedule or somebody’s simply got to look out for the house and now that everyone is left behind, I am happy. (I know. Logic.)

5. You get to revisit childhood memories.

Staycationing doesn’t mean you stuck yourself at home and just watch the tube from the morning to the late evening show (total headache inducing thing to do)! Being in a staycation means you are near the place where you had your most amazing memories as a child! Go, take a stroll in your elementary school and visit that old pond you and your friends used to watch those little tadpoles swam! Or head over to that playground where every single scar in your knees is from. Better yet, knock the door of that friend you grew up with but suddenly got lost in contact with and relive all those fascinating stories that will surely make you glad you had this superb staycation!

Convinced but need more ideas to do while you’re at it? Head over to this and this  site. They got some awesome things about it.

Oh you could also head over to my Instagram account to see some adventures of my staycation that I posted there! Please make sure you’re also following me there, will ya?

p.s. Do you have more reasons that will make us love staycation? Please hit it with the comment below! And if you actually went in a staycation and had a helluva time, I would also love to know about it! :)

Have a blessed season of Lent {and staycationing} dear friends!



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