Travel Local: Santa Ana, Cagayan {Part One}

I love love love travelling and exploring around! Much more so when I get to discover the breathtaking beauty of God’s creation in my own homeland! Thanks to the April Challenge of my 2014 Muni x Moonleaf Planner I got this awesome reminder to share more of my adventures around the captivating islands we got here in the South Pacific!


So get ready to catch your jaws as they drop from the scenic beauty of the paradise in Santa Ana, Cagayan!

Sta Ana More Fun in the Philippines

More fun in the Philippines!

Santa Ana, Cagayan has become a well known and loved beach destinations to Pinoys and even foreigners for the past years.This is without question what with the rich experience the place got to offer.

During our trip, June last year, we wanted to stay at Anguib Beach because it was what they said to have the most pristine white sand and amazing sunset but Survivor USA was filming around the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport so the area was not open to public during their stay. It was great for us though because we got to enjoy Nangaramoan Beach which was equally stunning and yet wasn’t as crowded as the other beaches around. It was like having an entire beach for ourselves. Score! :)

As always, I traveled again with the most amazing coworkers I could ever wish to have! This trip was actually for our team building activity so you could say that more than just enjoying the scenery and relaxing vibe of the sand and vast ocean, I truly had the most wonderful time of establishing genuine and God-glorifying relationships with the people I work with in the ministry. I am always overwhelmed with gratitude just by the fact that I get to work side by side with such passionate and selfless men and women who have considered everything nothing just so they could obey the call of God in their lives in doing full time ministry. :)



 When we arrived there, we were like, where are we supposed to swim??? But little did we know that it was like but a glimpse of how beautiful it will be once the tide sets in. :)


This was my view from my window from the inn where we stayed. No filters. No picture adjustments. Taken from a very simple point and shoot camera. Hello, there beautiful sunshine!


A better view of our beach house. I loooove cute little beach houses! One of my greatest dreams in life is getting to live by the ocean! A girl can dream, right?


There’s only pure fun when I’m with these guys! And speaking about fun, don’t you just enjoy making out pictures from the clouds in a bright day in the beach? lol



This dog is living THE life. I’m telling you.

Happy place

Just by looking through the gazillion pictures I have of this trip made me super happy! There’s something about that vast sky and sparkling blue waters that almost make my heart explode with joy and peace at the same time.

Part Two of this travel local series in Santa Ana Cagayan is finally up! :)


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