You were…

You were nothing like what I had imagined…

    not in the littlest bit in my dreams.

You were cold harsh reality splashed over…

    woke my heart in its deep slumber.

A furry little creature you were…

    packed in a box, I had to laugh.

You were the noisiest, most bothersome guy…

   saying you are the sweetest would be a big lie.

But must I say you were a fighter…

   oh yes, you were.

You were the pup who thought ruled the whole town…

   strut you went with your nose as big as a clown’s.

You were such an irritating brat…

  yet you always melt my heart whenever you asked for a head pat.

You were never always amiable…

   but all kinds of wonderful you were.

I think the odds were never in your favor…

   but you were that someone who knew to bounced back.

Laughter and tears were always what you brought…

   got ran over a car and got lost, what else didn’t you had to do?

You made me so mad…

tough love was what I had to have.

You loved to kissed but never do hugs…

   you gave me handshakes when you wanted something so bad.

The way your eyes met mine and how you fell asleep in my arms…

   dear Chucks, those were the precious times.

You were this and you were that…

   but I thank my God as I look back.

Because more than anything…


   and that will always be that.










So long, Chucks.


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