High Five Friday!


Thank God It’s Friday! :) I’m on a leave from work today and I got to spend amazing time with my grandma as I had to accompany her to the clinic to get vaccinated. I love it that I get to share this quality time of just assisting her and listening to her golden words of wisdom. As you know, it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday already and I believe more than the gifts we can give to our moms, they would also greatly appreciate the time we dedicate to them. So today is the advanced Mother’s Day with the grandMOM.  (get it?) hehe

Aside from gettting the bliss with the family time I get to have with the grandma, I really feel so ecstatic with just how great I think my service provider, Globe Telecom is! I have been a loyal Globe user ever since Snake and Space Impact was still the hottest game on mobile phones (did you remember getting so thrilled with your high scores back then? lol) until now! I have been been both a postpaid and prepaid subscriber and must I say that both has its own perks.

I am currently under the post paid plan for almost two years already and must I say one of my greatest achievements, financially speaking, ever since graduating from college and earning my own salary has been to faithfully maintain and pay off my phone bill under Globe month after month (and boy it ain’t always easy)! By the grace and provision of God, I get to enjoy the conveniences of not getting that *not sufficient balance* prompt.

Being under their service is really an enjoyable process of learning the ropes towards independent living! Filing the application, choosing the plan that best suits your mobile use, and yes getting THE bill for the first time made me miss my Dad so much as my previous mobile plans has all been taken care by him (thanks Dad!) lol. All for the sake of maturity, right?

And now, I would like to share to you my dear friends my latest discovery in my adventures to independent living aka paying bills monthly! You see I love sharing these awesome discoveries to you because I am generous like that (cough!). Kidding aside, it is simply my pure delight of getting you into knowing these things (which led me to think that you might probably know it already, but let me share it anyways hehe)!

So, let me tell you about the super awesome GLOBE REWARDS!!!


It’s the great system where ALL Globe subscriber can redeem items from their accumulated points as they use (i.e. re-load) their Globe sim cards. What made it easy to redeem points is you can exchange your ONE point to ONE peso worth of items they have on their list. What a great way to simply continue using your most trusted service provider and get rewards in return right?

When I was a prepaid subscriber all I was able to redeem back then were free texts or calls since I don’t get to accumulate a lot of points, but FREE texts/call is still better than paying for it right? For a complete list of items you can redeem if you are a prepaid subscriber, click here.

But I was really shocked that with the points I have (unknowingly) accumulated over the past months of using Globe, I can now have a BILL REBATE! Anyone with a budget (just like I am) knows this is indeed a treat straight from the high heavens! Just imagine, you can have your ton of a bill slashed big time just like that! (Let me do a little happy dance for that! Woohoo!)

My phone bill didn’t look happy as this ever before. lol


I told this to my friend who was in the same postpaid program as me and I almost died from her brutal attacks of just me getting that awesome reward! Ha! (Actually, this is one of the reasons why I am sharing it here in my blog. Just so you would not say that I did not include you to the in-the-know. So now you can know. :P)

For the complete list of redeemable items if you are a postpaid subscriber, click here. There are tons to redeem not just bill rebates :)

Globe subscriber and you have know idea how many points you have accumulated already? Just key in BAL and then send to 4438. You can also key in ITEMS and send to 4438 for a list of items you can redeem.

Watch cool videos on the how-to’s about Globe Rewards here!

So, there you go friends. A high five friday indeed, no? :)

Happy weekend!


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