Baguio Roadtrip via Ambuklao

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. – Marcel Proust

I am currently in Baguio City today! :) I thank God for this quick break from the crazy summer heat down in my neck of the woods and chill with the coolest weather one can enjoy this summer! Hooray for the City of Pines where hoodies and scarves are the perfect #ootd for the summer. Haha! 

I took the Ambuklao route going here and every single time I go on a Baguio trip going through this route I honestly feel torn between being excited and anxious! Anxious because of the crazy zigzag road (think: nausea and vomiting, eek!) but excited as well because I get to see again the UH-AMAZING view of Ambuklao. 

Surviving this route without episodes of nausea and vomiting especially for those with weak stomachs can be really hard! One trick though that my friends and I found to be effective to counteract it is to sleep through the entire trip by taking in some pills, BUUUT this would mean to say that you also get to forgo the most beautiful and scenic landscape of mountains, trees and the water dam itself. What to do? For this trip, I took the challenge to keep my eyes wide open geared up with my trusty Sony Carl Zeiss camera to let you enjoy the breathtaking 360 degree view of going in a Baguio roadtrip via Ambuklao. 

p.s. You have to understand these photos are simply snapshots taken from brief openings of trees and some scenes are just too hard to capture on the road. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the photos! :)










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