Ambaguio Trail Run and Bike Challenge

Hi there, imaginary blog readers! Lol Many many times, I honestly feel like I am only talking to myself whenever I write here in my blog. Ha! So let me imagine there’s actually a living soul out there reading this post other than me and say, how are you doing, my friend/s? Thank you so much for visiting my humble abode here in the cyberspace! :)

From what I previously shared, I told you how busy I got over my recent work travel to Baguio and how I felt kinda drained. And lo and behold, my body just crashed on me and had to be sent to the hospital TWICE {eek!} last week. Thank the Lord for caring housemates and family who really took care of me. By God’s grace, I am now healed from what sent me to the ER and is taking one day at a time to pacing myself with work and stuffs.

I was supposed to be resting still but because I had previously committed to a schedule this Saturday, I had to wake up at 2AM (!!!!) to volunteer in the Ambaguio Pinnalungan 21k and 10k Run and Bike Challenge. I was truly praying for grace and strength that I may not crash again with the physical demands of this task and God was gracious in truly being my strength and joy that day!

What with the amazing view and inspiring passion for the people who joined the challenge, I was indeed blessed by being part of this event. I was tasked to be at the Final station for the 21k Race and I saw how physically tired yet so fulfilled the runners and bikers looked when they arrived at the finish line. I rode at the back of a mini-truck from km zero to km 21 and my jaw was wide open all throughout with how beautiful and spectacular the mountain range is! You know how I get crazy with scenic landscape, right? I tell you, I was in cloud nine {almost literally ’cause the area was so high!!} Personally, I don’t enjoy running that much since I tire from it easily {but I’m getting stronger, by the grace of God!} but at the end of the day I took this challenge to one of my bucket list to run this 21k trail to Ambaguio! Woohoo! I am so looking forward to that day because I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! :)

So here are some of the race pictures taken by my fellow volunteers. Enjoy! :)

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