A special day that was.

I celebrated my 23rd birthday last July 16 and I still feel overwhelmed with how I truly felt so special and loved during that day! I don’t know about you friends, but I consider birthdays truly memorable because this was that special day you were born into this world! Oh, what great hope could have held! And so I believe every birthday should be celebrated remembering of those hopes and destiny God has breathed in us as He has sent us out into this world.

This birthday celebration was truly epic! From waiting with my housemates until the clock strike midnight and I was surprised with korean birthday songs and that awesome sparkly birthday candle that wouldn’t just die out then battled those ants who thought they owned my birthday cupcake then waking up and feeling so blessed and crying with my girls because Colbie Caliat’s new song “Try” is just so heart warming, then basked all day long in the love of God while I prepared for a preaching, to riding a tricycle then having those moments when you realize just how blessed you are, to getting suprise cakes and gifts after the other, to doing the best job ever and preaching before the young generation and setting them up for the great destinies that God has for their lives, to more surprises and silly video greetings like those from India, Papa P and Coco Martin (!!!) that the workmates lovingly downloaded for me, to talking with an old friend from another side of the world who bought a cake for me, to snapping endless selfies and groupies and churfies and whatnot, to praying for friends and being prayed for, to those mushy moments I felt like tears won’t just keep flowing, to loving and loved in return, to blowing more cakes and whispering birthday wishes, to taking the night cap with friends to the most relaxing farm house of the most generous church mates, to eating the most delish dinner prepared by the best colleagues in the world, to having brown outs and playing cards and singing songs to our hearts content then the clock strike midnight again and to my surprise another gift was given. And oh, did I mention there was a typhoon in the middle of it all? Haha! Thinking about how that day happened, I can’t help but raise my hands up and thank my awesome God who made it all possible for me. For this I know, none of these things I can ever deserve but because of His great love, He deemed me worthy. 

So as I thank my precious friends, loving family and even those sweet strangers who made my day memorable, I want to give it all back to my God, my sweet Jesus, my Great Savior who have watched over my from Day zero until now…thank you Lord for all these things you have given me and for the greatest gift when Love was hung on a tree. 

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