Never too late to learn how to ride a bike!

As some of you might have read my 30 by 30 list or adventures that I want to do before I turn the big 3-0, I’ve been truly looking forward to give you an update of how I have been having the time of my life of checking them off one by one–slowly but surely, as they like to say!

And I couldn’t be more proud to share with you guys that I finally learned how to ride a bike this month!!! Lol My friends just had to laugh when they found out I don’t know how back then so I guess it challenged me more to learned about it. Talk about motivation, right? Ha!

So, with the help of one of my housemates, after two nights of shrieking with panic every time I think I would crash I found my balance and happily biked around in a park! *happydance*


Here’s to living a life of adventures and to never stopping to learn something new!! :)




3 thoughts on “Never too late to learn how to ride a bike!

  1. Hope Nwosu says:

    I agree with you. No one is ever too old to learn.The most important requirements are courage, determination and motivation.
    I also plan to learn how to ride a bike even though I’m 28 years old.


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