The cutest bikes!

When did bikes get so adorable? Haha! Honestly, the reason why I learned late in riding a bicycle is because I disliked the idea of getting (more) scars than what I already have just by trying to learn and ride it.

I don’t know when the desire really started for me to learn–maybe it was when I saw my little brother truly enjoying riding or watching those cheesy koreans being their chessy-cute selves biking around in every single movie or drama! lol Whatever reason it is, I’m so thankful that I finally learned how to! Better late than never, right?!

So now, here’s the bikes that I’m currently crushing (and eyeing) on. I wonder if you could ever have too many bikes?? Hoping I could find a perfect bike that I can buy around my area…or do you know any store that sells these kinds of bikes? If so, please tell me!  :)

ps. How cute are these babies??

6337070870_59944ac081_z5524426440_edac63c9ea_z    9b16a4e743779bdd8b103247b556a1f9         pretty-transportation          a

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