The Rainy Day Happy List!!! :)

Rainy day

I consider myself a sunshine-loving girl. The sun’s my best friend and clear skies just get me. (IDK why lol) But since I live in the side of the world where the weather is simply dry or wet, I can’t really be my happy sunkissed-self every day.

 Actually, it’s funny because July, which is my birth month (read: my-special-month) marks the rainy season here in my country. There’s this one birthday I had that I can’t forget—my friends and I planned to have an evening pool party but had to cancel all of it the minute we arrived at the resort because it wasn’t only raining cats and dogs but there was a thunderstorm at the same time, talk about major fail. Ha. (we had to go for plan B—houseparty, which actually went decent also just incase you were curious what we had to do :) )

Since the rain simply is a reality I can’t ever escape I can’t go on sulking every time it does, right? And it has been really raining almost every single day for the past weeks already, I thought I just had to come up with my rainy day happy list real quick! Some of these things, I’ve been doing already so even when Mr. Rain (no, not that cute Korean superstar) has been ever present lately I have been enjoying the weather actually! Yay!

So here goes my RAINY DAY HAPPY LIST:

Drink hot choco with mallows //  YUM. Plus a warm heart to heart talk with the housemates or just having random silly convos with them definitely makes this soooo better.

Read a book while snuggled with warm blanket // I don’t know how you do it but there’s something so relaxing with reading this way. Haha.


Watch more Running Man // My housemates and I are crazy fans of this hit variety show from Korea. Have you heard of it? If not, go and watch it at youtube or somewhere! I tell you, your belly will have a good hurt from all the laughter you’ll have.

Eat more Ramen :P  // I am loving the spicy beef version of this famous noodles. Nothing gets better with ramen on rainy days.


Learn to cook more healthy meals especially soups! // Hooray for meals at home!

Walk around with that cute umbrella on, put on earphones and play that rainy day playlist // …while imagining you’re a leading lady on some cheesy chick flick. lol btw can you suggest more songs to add to my playlist??

Dream about what’s it like to walk under Parisian rain // After playing the game Zombie Tsunami and watching the movie Midnight in Paris I just had to wonder what’s with this Parisian rain all about like. lol

Sleep in // I mean, do you need any more explanation about this? Haha!

What’s  your rainy day happy list? :)


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