Four years of blogging–that long already?!


Today, after a long hiatus from blogging {writer’s block, anyone?!}, I decided to check this site again and guess what the notification box has for me? I’ve opened this blogging site with WordPress exactly four years ago!!! Whoa. That seemed too long ago…so let’s go a little going back the memory lane to blogs I’ve written in the past. Let’s go, shall we? :)

The first blog post–ever!  // Whenever I get reminded with this specific season in my life where God had just to impress this lesson to me, I always ended up being so grateful. Though hard and heart-shattering it truly was, this lesson have greatly molded me to indeed love and love once more. :)

A heartwarming revelation that God is a God who answers even my silliest prayers. <3 // It’s always heartwarming when I get to post things like this that are really personal to me. And there’s no greater joy in the world than it is to get to share the most wonderful relationship I have and that is my relationship with God.

Funny survey about THE boyfriend potential. HAHA! // I read this post with the friend I copied it from and we just had to laugh with what we wrote three years ago! Oh well, let’s just say that some of those preferences we had years ago didn’t really change and some really do! Thank goodness for that! lol

Sunsetssssss here & here // You guys must be so tired hearing me gush about this sunset this and that. Hahaha! But as they say, guys—I AM  #sorrynotsorry :P Still, could you not just endure enjoy these AWESOME pictures? HAHA

His awesome story // I consider one of the greatest privilege I have in my life is to be able to proclaim the poweful message of the cross even by sharing how God changed my life and brought me from darkness into light.

Most epic travel yet // I’m not the worlds greatest traveler but I thank God that He has given me the most fulfilling travel experiences and this one tops my list! I’m looking forward to traveling to this place again!

Whew! That was so fun looking back those old posts! :) I’m really sorry guys I haven’t been updating this site for quite awhile already. Please hang on with me!!! I’ve got exciting stories to share with you real soon!! Hint: Puerto Princesa, Palawan adventure with my housemates, an update to my 30 by 30 list {eeeek! kpop alert lol}, and humbling stories about forgiveness and killing that giant called pride. Stay tuned! :)

xo, Anj.


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