The Reason for the Season. Merry Christmas everyone! :)



December 25, 2014 | 12:45am

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!! The clock turned midnight here in my side of the world and as I was the only person who’s still awake in our house, I got to have the special moment to sit on our living room…slow down from all the festivities and whatnot of the season…and take the time to reflect just what this Christmas season has been and how have I been taking it in my heart this year.

I realized I’m being quick to lean on the sad side of how things have turned out “for me” this season…my brother not being able to come home for Christmas…things not being they used to be in the past…not having this or that..and then it hit me that I’ve been evaluating my “Christmas Experience” based on my circumstance once again..that just how I haven been so quick to see things that aren’t perfect looking in my situation, I have also been so quick to forget the Most Perfect Reason for celebrating the season…

And so, let me be now quick to type away couple things I had to remind myself basing from this reflection:


– gifts I receive…or give for that matter. {I know…cliche. But, if I am to be honest to myself, I’ve been truly calculating just how happier this Christmas season is compared to last year basing on how much more gifts I’ve received or given. ps. Yep, this season they say is the season of giving but I believe this shouldn’t be that only season we should give out gifts to the people around us, amiright? :) }

– Christmas “vibe” aka decorations and all its shenanigans. {I guess being in a country with a Christmas calendar that starts at September 01 has its great points and not so great points…because yes, decors and all represents that we are celebrating, but when these decors becomes my reason for celebration I think I have missed the whole point. So yeah, decors or no decors, I can celebrate this season.}

– people around me. {I believe this mindset was the hardest one to break in me…and I believe God is still breaking it–that Christmas is ultimately about being with family…hard to swallow, right? Because what happens when you get separated from your kins this Christmas? Will that make the essence of the season any less significant? What about Jesus who got separated from His Father on the very first Christmas? Hmmm…I thank God that He continues to renew our minds and patterns it according to His Word. I believe being with family is important…but being with them or not being with them shouldn’t be the real reason for our celebration this season…it should still be about..say it with me…JESUS. :) }

After all these reminders God had to pound in my heart, I felt more secured…knowing that in whatever circumstance or place I may found myself in this season or in the future, I can have a MERRY CHRISTMAS because God has made his dwelling in me already…He is my Emmanuel, our Emmanuel…our Jesus…and that should alone be our enough reason to celebrate this season…<3



Happy birthday, Jesus!!! <3


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