New Year Ramblings



Hi everyone! Happy New Year!!! :) I hope that all of you guys had a great time celebrating the new year whether it be with your friends or families. I did had a mighty fun time being with my family at our province in Quirino and it’s always refreshing to be at home…doing nothing but sleep all day long..haha! I hope that was truly the case for me but I spent my holidays travelling through and fro my Grandma’s house back to my Dad’s since my little brother wanted to visit her, then do grocery shopping, then had to do general cleaning in our house {because,well new year.already.} So yes, it was a kinda busy holiday vacation but still I enjoyed it simply because of the goodness and favor God brought even in the littlest things that happened during my time off.

And now, I’m back to work…and there’s kinda lot of things (STILL) that I have to get fixed, like my broken laptop (long stooorryyy..) and other things but I thank God that today I get to have a easy I’m here able to process some thoughts with the new year and all…

P.S. Interesting how we can have a lot of deep thoughts sometimes, no? Hehe I noticed that with myself lately, since I mentioned that I was always on the road lately…and you know when you’re in the car and you watch the scenery outside your window…you fall into deep thoughts..well, that’s the case for me! Haha And I realized how I’ve been blogging less and less as 2014 went by (oops, sorry!) and remember how blogging…or writing actually had helped me process my many many many thoughts. So, yeah, here I am trying to get back on my writing zone and process some thoughts. I would actually understand if at the end of the first paragraph above, you’ve closed my tab already since this introductory thing’s turning out to be soooo long. And I’ve been using lot’s of “soooo” I’m getting irritated myself, ha! So (again!) let’s have some thought processing, shall we?!

Okay, as I was listening to the message for today’s Worship Service, I thought that it really cuts deep into the core of what all the things we dive in each and every time new year comes–RESOLUTIONS.

Many times, we resolve to not do some of the things we have been doing the past year anymore, like…

..i will not sleep late, i will not wake up late, i will not be late, anymore.

..i will not curse anymore.

..i will not drink softdrinks anymore.

..i will not….

or maybe do things, finally, this year…

..i will do excercise.

..i will go on diet.

..i will go to Church more.

..i will…

Oh well, honestly, I write them down too..problem with this is, we can’t just sustain last the whole year, not unless we resolve to do the only thing that will make us keep all these resolutions or faith goals not only for the year, but for good…and that is resolving to HONOR GOD.

Honoring God means putting Him above everything and anything else. It means a total abandon just so we could obey Him and please ONLY Him.

Many times, we say we do honor God…but only with our lips. The passage of Scripture that was shares was in Mark 7:6-7.

And he said to them, “Well did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites, as it is written,

“‘This people honors me with their lips,
    but their heart is far from me;
in vain do they worship me,
    teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.’

True isn’t it? Many times, we honor Him and resolve to do things for Him when in fact when we do a heart check, it’s not truly for God…it’s always been centered on us and our desires.

And so, my personal prayer as I start a brand new year this 2015 is that…as I write down my faith goals and resolutions for the coming year, may it come from a heart that loves God. That I would step out in faith to see things happen in my life and be able to have breakthroughs only because I want to please Him and only Him…not men, not me, not anyone else..but Him. :)

So…that’s my two cents worth of thought for the new year. Happy New Year guys!

Also, our Church is having a series about Honoring God for the next five weeks. To listen to podcast about the message, click here.



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