Day 365/365 

Just a few minutes left and 2015 will take its final bow and 2016 will be here! Wow. Can you believe it? I can vividly remember the first day of 2015 and now  day 365/365 is here but before it finally closes… I’d like to squeeze in this post more on to remind myself one of the biggest lessons that God has taught me for this year and that is…


sufficient for me to boldly step out and claim the fulfillment of what I have believed for..

sufficient for me to lift up my hands and sing my heart out to Him and experience and enjoy the fullness of His presence…

sufficient for me to stand strong and pursue what He has called me to do…

sufficient for me to say “No” and be delivered from the things that are trying to stop me from living a life of true freedom…

and ever sufficient for me to hold on to Him and the surety of His Word!

And this grace that is ever sufficient is also always AVAILABLE…

in every moment, every circumstance, every season.

And because of that, 2015 has been great and I know this same grace will continually be available this coming 2016! So what’s to fear? I can only br excited and secured and grateful. Woot! All glory and honor belongs to you,Jesus!!!

PS. Here’s a throwback picture to the one of the most magical sunrise that I have witnessed last December first.   


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