Life changing lessons and life long friends.


Big words. Daring commitments. But yes, even as I am typing this blog post, my heart seems to overflow more with gratitude, joy and awe of what God has done and what He has brought in my life a little over a week ago–life changing lessons and life long friends.

I’ve actually been looking forward to be part of  this school for the past two years already. I knew it was gonna be awesome, but going through the actual school for two weeks was something else!!!

From getting personal impartation from great spiritual leaders I highly look up to, to learning how to take off my minister’s hat but be still and bask in the presence of God as His daughter, to meeting and building friendship with spiritual family from Every Nation–ahh I couldn’t even begin to wrap my head around it!

But I know I’m a forgetful human, so in my hope not to forget the highlights of lessons and experiences God has faithfully allowed me to have, here goes a quick list of those things:

  1. Train yourself to be able to worship God even with eyes open. (I’m a eyes-closed-lift up-your-hands-forget-about-the-world-kind of worshiper. Ha. So when one of our Pastors instructed that, I kinda panicked. How to? But then he said, we gotta learn how to do that so we can learn how to see God through the distractions. God is bigger than the distractions around us and He will speak. I know, He did.)
  2. ‘What you’re building today will determine how you will face the crisis of tomorrow.’ -Pastor Jim Laffoon (Oh this one. Hit me hard. One of our Pastors said that being in the school for two weeks and encountering God there is well and good, but the goal is not just so we can simply have an amazing encounter with Him but that from there we will continue to build our lives–making room for God, seeking Him, building friendship with Him that no matter what circumstance may happen, we are covered. Hmmm…this statement made me ponder a lot how I’ve been living my life so far and how major adjustments and life renovation needs to be done. T.T Let’s do this!!!)
  3. Sometimes it’s not us waiting on God but it’s actually God waiting on us. (Did you hear me say, ouch? :( Many times I struggle about this, I wait and wait but then I fidget and get tired and just move on with what task I need to do next. I realized God’s always ready to speak to me, it’s just that my heart is just too unsettled to make room for Him to speak and when it takes too long for my liking, I just move away. *sigh* I tell you being in the school led me to many many many moments of repentance. Thank you Jesus for your grace!!! <3)
  4. Friendship is built intentionally. (Both with God and with spiritual family! <3 Pastor Jim said this about friendship with God “Friendship is not a gift. It’s a choice. It will take time. It’s not quick. There are no shortcuts.” Also true with building friendship with humans! I’m grateful that through the school I was able to meet family from Every Nation all over the world. But I knew meeting wasn’t enough, if I want to build friendship with them then I gotta set appointments with them for lunch or snack or dinner, have a conversation with them before the class start, take a selfie or a groupie!!!, ask questions, tell my story, listen and be there for them! I’m so grateful beyond words for the amazing men and women I got to meet and got to be friends with. <3)
  5. Write. Speak. (God will speak. He will reveal. He will strike our hearts. The moment will be overwhelming but sadly our human minds and hearts are simply just forgetful. So two action words that I learned I need to practice more–write, speak. Write–as fast as you can! haha especially when the lessons are just dripping with quotable quotes! but kidding aside–really to write–what God has been impressing in your heart, showing in Your mind, revealing in your dreams. Write it down. So you’ll remember. I find this helpful also to process them better later–with leaders who can speak to me and with people God wants me to share to. {Thus, this blog. hehe} Speak–in love and for love. Honestly, I am afraid to speak into the life of people sometimes, afraid that what I’ll say will simply won’t make sense, irrelevant to them, and just my words/imagination and not God’s. But I got encouraged with what one of the Pastor’s said–the goal is not accuracy but to minister. Having the heart to speak life and minister God’s love to a person is truly more important than saving my face. Yes. Speak, I will, Lord.)

Skimming through some of my notes made me realize if I continue to write all the highlights I got, it will take me a looooooong time. But I hope you got encouraged with some bits and pieces of what I learned and I pray to be able to share some more with you, through this blog, face-to-face conversation or even a chat!! <3 Add me on one of my social media!

Instagram: anjcambi

Facebook: Angela M. Cambi

I’d love to connect with you! Comment below how I can reach you? :))


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